PowerShell script to Export Exchange 2010 Mailboxes to PST files

by Stan Czerno September 3, 2015 07:30 CST
I have been using Steve Goodman's script in my Lab for sometime now and I decided to spice it up a bit. Since I really cannot afford true Brick-Level backup software for Exchange in my lab, between VM Exports/Backups and this Script, my Exchange Server is protected good enough. [More]

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Powershell Script to launch one or more Published Applications from Storefront 2.x

by Stan Czerno February 1, 2015 03:36 CST
In a previous post, I shared a PowerShell script to launch a Published App from one or more servers. I originally wrote this script because one of my lab XenApp 6.5 servers would not launch a Published Application. When I investigated what the issue was I was unable to determine the cause. The IMA Service was started, ICA was listening and responding, there was no load issues, etc, etc. This server was basically healthy. [More]

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Powershell Script to create a Report on MS Bulletins Installation Compliance in WSUS

by Stan Czerno January 30, 2015 07:31 CST
I needed a report that would show the status of one or more MS Bulletins per Server. I found an excellent script at http://redd.it/23yhb1 This script is awesome, and did almost exactly what I needed. [More]

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Powershell Script to monitor a Citrix XenApp 6.5 Farm's Health

by Stan Czerno June 12, 2014 05:06 CST
In a previous post I had mentioned my "homegrown monitoring service" so today I thought I would elaborate and share it.

While looking for some sort of monitoring script for XenApp, I found an excellent script written by Jason Poyner, XenApp Farm Health Report, http://deptive.co.nz/xenapp-farm-health-report/.

His script does a Health Check and emails an HTML report. The script checks just about everything concerning a XenApp Farm. [More]

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Powershell Script to launch a Published Application from one or more XenApp Servers

by Stan Czerno June 11, 2014 04:06 CST
Two weeks ago I had a server in my lab that would not launch an application. The event log had event 10001 listed and it read "A usable server cannot be found on which to launch the application...".

So I checked out my homegrown monitoring service (which I will blog about later on) and everything was fine. The User Load was 0, the ICA port was listening and responding correctly, the XML service was running, etc. etc., but nothing would launch. This server has been running fine for more than two years. [More]

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Application and User Usage Database and Reports for XenApp 6.5

by Stan Czerno March 5, 2014 04:37 CST
I like the concept of EdgeSight but it is a beast to maintain and I rarely use the Performance Metrics. What I use most often is Application Usage reports.

I loved using the old Resource Manager for creating Application and/or User Usage reports. I miss that basic function since I have been using XenApp 6.x for a few years now. EdgeSight was supposed to give me this but it does not since I am at the Enterprise Licensing tier for XenApp. [More]

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